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Ave 2

Linet Birthing Bed

Perfectly suitable for labour, delivery, recovery and postpartum, the revolutionary design of the AVE 2 brings a new level of comfort and efficiency to every phase of childbirth. The AVE 2 has many features that make the birthing process easier for both the mother and the medical staff. Thanks to its broad range of accessories and positions, the patient has the ability to choose a delivery method that best suits her birthing plan.

A simple swivel mechanism allows the footrest to be retracted under the bed for faster and easier delivery allowing the medical personnel better access to the patient. The unique oval shape of the supporting area is especially suitable for smooth delivery and provides ample working space for the obstetrician. The innovative telescopic bed structure offers a broad range of height adjustments, while side handles with intuitive control panel can be easily turned and retracted if necessary. Moreover, the high standard of hygiene and compact construction of the supporting area with plastic cover reduces the time required to clean the bed.

Integrated Retractable Foot Section

A simple one-handed swivel mechanism not only allows the section to quickly rotate away from the patient, but it also eliminates the need of lifting a heavy foot section off of the bed. The swivel foot section also enhances caregiver safety and infection control due to the fact that it never detaches from the bed.

Independent Seat Section Tilting

The innovative seat section allows for quick configuration and new positioning options for caregivers and patients.

Simple Controls

Siderails have integrated controls for both patient and caregiver that easily rotate down for patient transfer or access. Additionally an integrated control panel with clear graphics allows for simple operation by patient and caregiver.

Column Concept

Innovative column design allows for both a low height for patient egress and greater height for improved caregiver access during procedures.

Infection Control

The AVE 2 was developed with clean-ability in mind. The compact column construction and the smooth seamless cover of the bed allow for quicker and more efficient cleaning. The mattress design makes removal easy and efficient for the staff. In conjunction with the design, the bed is coated in epoxy powder coated paint which is durable and resistant to corrosion.

Easily Adjustable Leg Rests

Integrated easy-to-use leg rests allow the care team to quickly maneuver and adjust based on the patient’s needs. The leg rests double as both foot rests and leg rests. These features allow for maximum patient comfort while allowing the caregiver full access.

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Integrated retractable foot section Enhances caregiver safety and infection control.
Independent seat section tilting Allows for quick configuration and new positioning options for caregivers and patient.
Hand grips Increases the comfort of a patient in the second stage of childbirth.
Innovative telescopic column design Provides extra low height for accessing the bed safely and extra height for treatment.
Integrated control panel with clear pictograms
& symbols
Allows for simple operation by patient and caregiver.
Side rails with integrated control panel Easily rotate down for patient transfer or access.
Retractable and easy to stow foot section Allows easy access to mother.
Integrated easy-to-use leg rests Allow the care team to quickly manoeuvre and adjust based on patients needs.


Total length of the lying area 2122 mm
Minimum length in the default setting 1570 mm
Full width 980 mm
Castor size 150 mm
Minimum height 600 mm
Maximum height 1050 mm
Back section 10°/70°
Seat section 18.5°
Trendelenburg 10°
Leg rests vertical 135°
Leg rests horizontal 60°
Foot section adjustment angle 22°
Maximum patient load: 240 kg
Total Bed weight: 245kg (* Depending on configuration)