Products Clinicare 100HF Reactive

Clinicare 100HF Reactive

The CliniCare 100HF Reactive hybrid mattress replacement features responsive pressure care for effective pressure injury prevention and superior comfort in a broad spectrum of care environments.

Features a dedicated Heel zone with 7 degree slope which maximises heel pressure offload and a profiled visco foam layer to enhance patient comfort.

Effective pressure redistribution

The air cells inside the mattress are filled with foam and automatically move air between the cells depending on the patient’s position to optimise care and comfort. The mattress contour makes it easier for air to circulate inside the mattress. Additionally the mattress features a 7° slope that helps to reduce pressure in the vulnerable heel area.

Patient comfort & safety

The Clinicare 100HF Reactive provides the ultimate in patient comfort with a visco-elastic foam top layer which conforms to the profile of the patient’s body to provide comfort and support. Additionally firm side walls provide safety and assistance for mobilising patients.


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Reactive therapyWhen pump is not connected the air flows between cells according to patient movement with special valves to prevent rapid air loss from the system.
Static modeProvides a stable surface for the patient when getting into or out of bed or if required when performing nursing procedures
Dedicated heel zone with 7 degree slopeMaximises the pressure off-loading in heel area.
Visco foam comfort layerConfirms to patient to provide comfort and support.
4-way stretch, waterproof Dartex cover with welded seamsEasy to clean and provides a complete barrier against viruses and blood, minimising infection control risks.


Product Code CC100HFR
Risk CategoryUp to High Risk
Max Patient Weight230kg
Warranty2 years
Mattress Dimensions2000mm x 860mm x 200mm (L x W x H)
2080mm x 860mm x 200mm (L x W x H)
2130mm x 860mm x 200mm (L x W x H)
Product WeightMattress: 16kg