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Eleganza 1

Linet General Ward Bed

The Eleganza 1 is an electric fully adjustable bed which is designed for general hospital wards and long term care units. The bed has a simple construction with a wide range of above standard features and sophisticated functions delivered at low cost, thus providing great value for money.

Ergoframe positioning

The Eleganza 1 bed features Ergoframe® positioning which creates the optimum conditions for patient comfort and posture, whilst eliminating the negative effects of compression, shear and friction forces.

Ergoframe® reduces shearing forces on the back and shoulder blades. While the mattress and backrest replicate natural movement of the human body during positioning.

Safety siderail concept

The design of the Eleganza 1 siderails creates a safe environment for both patients and caregivers which assists in falls prevention, minimises risk of entrapment and enhances safety of patient mobility.

The siderails are lowered using the soft drop function which applies a gas spring to soften the effect of the siderail´s movement and a double action release reduces the likelihood of an unintentional release.

Intuitive and easy access control options

A range of controls options are available on the Eleganza 1 bedframe which ensure nursing staff and patients are able to easily position the bed.

Patients are able maintain their independence with side rail controls and a backlit patient handset within easy reach. Nurse control handsets feature one-touch positioning for key functions and function lockout for patient safety.

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Ergoframe positioning Increases patient comfort and ergonomics minimising lung and abdominal compression.
One-touch Cardiac Chair position Easy positioning for providing relief during respiratory problems.
Ergonomically shaped siderails Provide a comfortable gripping position for patients when exiting the bed with the head end siderail providing an ideal support for mobilising patients.
Soft-drop siderails with locking mechanism Softens the effect of the siderail´s movement. While double action release reduces the likelihood of an unintentional release.
Easy access CPR release mechanism Is easily accessible from both sides of bed ensuring quick release for lowering of backrest.
Flexible control options For ease of ergonomic bed positioning and patient independence.
Electric protection against overload Bed will automatically stop when an actuator is overloaded.
Safety GO button Enhances patient safety by preventing unintentional bed positioning. The GO button activates the bed controls for 3 minutes.
One-button positioning for key functions Quick and efficient positioning for Auto-Contour, Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, Cardiac Chair and CPR.
Integral bed extension of 150mm Flexible use for taller patients.
Lightweight & easily removable mattress platform Ensures ease of infection control.
Activated 5th castor Easier transport of the bed it allows for tight turns, also providing significant reduction in the force needed to turn the bed.
Optional foot controls Allow practical and easy adjustment of the height and examination position.


Height Range 395mm to 760mm
Overall Length 2180mm
Overall Width 995mm
Bed Extension 0 to 150mm
Mattress Platform Length 2000mm
Mattress Platform Width 900mm
Trendelenburg 15°
Reverse Trendelenburg 15°
Safe Working Load (SWL): 250 kg
Max Patient Weight: 215 kg
Total Bed weight: 135 kg (* Depending on configuration)